Monday, August 24, 2015

How its going after six months

So, it has been six months since I started Isagenix.  I still love it.  I have found new ways to make shakes... my latest favorite is to add a big spoonful of cinnamin and pumpkin pie spice.   OR a spoonful of cocoa powder, a spoonful of Stevia and a spoonful of powdered peanut butter.
OH... and all of that is added to the vanilla.
I could do the same with the chocolate.
And because I have realized the benefits of healthy eating I am finding more ways to eat healthy. I have started dehydrating fruits and vegetables.  I even have made gummies from zucchinni.  And my five year old granddaughter loves them.
    This past Sunday I had a number of people comment about how much weight I had lost.  And then someone else was really interested in how I have been able to get my blood sugar down to normal.
My blood sugar is in the low 80s every morning now.   One morning it was 126 due to all the sugar I had eaten late the night before.   I was shocked.   But it proved to me that what I eat really does have more of an effect on my body and my recovery than I had ever thought.
I went to an exercise class (non aerobic) and came home and tested it again.  It was 81.  Before the health changes if my blood sugar was that low I would have been having a hypoglycemic spell.  But now, that is normal for me and I am so happy at how my body recovers so fast.
    People are dubious and afraid of the cost.  They look at the cost as if it is an added bill.  The truth is, once you stop purchasing the chips, cookies, ice cream, coffee, sodas. pasta, bread, lunch meat, canned vegetables.....whatever...  you have saved more than you are spending.
    If that bothers you to think of not having those things listed above let me tell you that I was a pasta, and bread lover.  Oh, and sugar.   Now I don't even crave them... I dont even think about them.  When I do I am amazed that I do not want them or care about them anymore.
   Take into consideration that you are replacing two meals a day with the shakes.  Pick two meals that cost you the most.  Pick two meals that could even save you money.  If you eat out for breakfast and lunch due to work you could be paying less for getting healthy than you would be for filling your body with toxins and fat. And seriously, when you eliminate the sodas, or coffee  or unhealthy snacks from your life your grocery list really goes down.
For some reason people are also afraid to consider the income potential in Isagenix.  They think it is a 'pyramid scheme".   Which it is not.  In fact, it is not a pyramid at all.  People that sign up under me can make way more money than me.  That doesn't happen in pyramids. Isagenix businesses come under the category of "Network Marketing".   The marketing is done more by the internet and word of mouth.  There is no advertising.  I talk to people every day who make six figure incomes from just sharing their stories with others.   Some people get into Isagenix merely for the business of it.  Younger millionaires know the potential of Network Marketing and will switch from a previous business to Isagenix just because of the income potential.  I am not a salesman.  Never have been.  But it is easy to enthusiastically share about a product that changes your life.  And when you care about others and believe that this product can change their life as well it is easy to share.

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