Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Journey through Isagenix. First post.

This Blog is to journal my trip through Isagenix.  I am already at my third month and have had the most awesome results imaginable.   My daughter and I have been doing this together and her results are even more amazing than mine.
Hopefully you are here because you are interested in seeing what Isagenix has done for me and my daughter.  I hope that some of the people who have signed up with me will allow me to post their results here as well.
Just to get started let me say that I started at a weight of 194lbs.  I am almost 5'6", 56 years old, and am type 2 diabetic.  I also have high blood pressure and take drugs for that.  In fact, the doctor had just doubled my blood pressure med in Nov of last year (2014).
At this time my blood sugar levels are normal, my blood pressure is normal, I have lost 25lbs and my energy and stamina have increased tremendously.
Just wait until I get up the video.
People who know me are walking up to me to tell me how wonderful I look, how much younger, how I glow and how I look like I have more energy and happiness.
Well, they are right.  I also have peripheral neuropathy and take loads of pain meds.  My pain got better within the first week.

It is not just the Isagenix.  It is what I am NOT putting into my mouth now.  Using the products not only cleansed and detoxed my blood while I was losing weight; it also was a way to show me how the food that I eat has such a great (I mean greatly horrible) effect on my body.  I guess it is really true that "you are what you eat".  But even more than that... I realized early on that what the Bible says is true, "The life is in the blood."
I watched this video and was truly amazed.

I don't know where my blood cell health was according to this video, but with high cholesterol, diabetes and too much sugar all the time.. I"m sure it was along with the worst one.  I would love to see what it looks like now.
If your blood is not healthy it cannot do the job that God created it to do.  It is too busy trying to heal itself.
I am adding a file that you can download and read information about the products and what they do.

Looking forward to putting a video next.

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