Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The best Journey of my LIFE

Today's date is June 16, 2015.
Six months ago I thought that the best part of my life was over.   I woke up every morning dreading the pain of neuropathy and thought that I needed to just let go of thinking I could do anything new, exciting or physically challenging because of my limitations. My limitations were created (I thought) by my diabetes, high blood pressure, the pain of peripheral neuropathy, all the drugs that I had to take for these diseases and then finally, my weight. Although I was only 56 I thought that how I felt physically was how an 80 year old person must feel. I had already given in to the belief that there was nothing I could do but accept where I was in my life and make the best of it.  I really believed I had done what I could.
  And then, someone special gifted me with my first month of Isagenix.  I had two reasons to stick to it.  One, I wanted to make good on the gift, and two, my daughter was doing it with me and I wanted to see her healthy and happy again.
   I didn't really think I would lose much weight since that had always been hard for me.  But I was hoping to see my blood pressure and my blood sugar go down. If the blood sugar went down, hopefully my pain levels would decrease.  Within the first three weeks my blood sugar dropped 20 points and my blood pressure became normal for the first time in decades, and I got excited.  I was losing weight faster than I ever had.  My energy increased and activities became easier.  Motivation to participate in life returned.  Suddenly, I no longer felt 80 or even 56.  I felt 40. And I began to realize that I had been wrong. My weight and my life did not have to be dictated by pain, disease or medication. I DO have a say in what my future holds. Although I have learned many lessons on my journey I think that has been the most important.
   Four and a half months from starting Isagenix my blood sugar is normal and I have cut my meds in half.  My blood pressure is normal AFTER having cut the medications completely. My pain levels have decreased.  My energy is better than it has been in 15 years. And I love looking at myself in the mirror.  Every day I wake up happy, anticipating the day. I still have a few more pounds to lose.  But I am looking forward to every day of the journey.

These are my results....
Blood Sugar... before - 130  /  after - 83
Blood Pressure....  before - 130/ 82    /  after  -  112/ 72
A1C level.....    before - 7.9   /   after  -6.0
Weight..  before - 194     /     after - 164
Want to see some pictures?    Just in case you can't tell.   the first pic is the After picture.   And that one was taken a month ago.  So I am actually even smaller now.

I plan to post more pictures and some links to Isagenix sites that might be of interest to others. Check out previous post and you will see one of my favorite links about detoxing blood.

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