Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I am in my six month of Isagenix.  I am so happy to still be full of energy and to have my life back again. I am down 34 pounds.  I have not taken my measurements since I finished my first Isa Body Challenge but clothes I bought last month are getting too large now.
I have so much fun trying on clothes.  I get my clothes at thrift stores so I won't have to feel guilty if I only wear them once before they get too big.
My husband bought me a really cute dress in May.  I wore it once and now it is too big.  I can still wear it but what's the fun in that?!
I feel so much younger that I am disappointed when people still see me as a person in my 50s.  I can fool some people when I dress up and put on makeup but I think most people would not think of me as being as young as I feel.  But that's ok.   I look younger than I did... that's for sure!  And I feel younger than I did!!!
I have started a new Isa Body challenge.  I have not heard from the first one.  I really hope I can make it into the finals.
When I see people on the street that are overweight or walking with a cane or hobbling along, I think, "I bet Isagenix could give them their life back."
And it probably could.
I would love to sign up a LOT of people and make a lot of money while helping others get their health and life back.  

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